Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Walking a Mountaintop

Remembering the Mountaintops… 

 I just spent time with my family for Thanksgiving – something millions of people did – and had an incredible experience the morning of Thanksgiving. My sister Kim and I went for a walk. Bear in mind – my sister is a burn survivor who has overcome pretty incredible odds. I survived a near fatal car accident in college that almost left me a quadriplegic. So… when we say we are going for a walk, we are both very aware of what a privilege it is to do so.

As we walked out of my aunt’s house who lives on a big hill in Camas, Washington, we were both awestruck with the sight before our eyes. It was as if heaven had decided to open up right in front of us.

I realize that is somewhat dramatic, but I can’t fully explain the power of the moment. Right there in front of us was the incredible sight of Mt. Hood. It was amazing! It was so majestic that my sister and I were immediately taken by the sight of it.

We were silent in our amazement – which is saying something because we are both pretty talkative when we get going… The sight of Mt. Hood in that moment, at that time – Thanksgiving Day – caused me to think about the mountaintop experiences I have had in my life.

There are so many… overcoming the odds after my accident to take my first step then to go on and play collegiate volleyball… getting married to my husband… the birth of my children… and most recently, the completion of my first book. There are so many things that have come my way – big and little – that I find myself so thankful for the blessings in my life.

What about you? What are the mountaintop experiences that stand out for you? What do you find yourself being thankful for when you remember those times of blessing?

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