Monday, November 21, 2011

Goal Finally Reached

You know that feeling you get when a long-awaited goal is finally achieved?


For the last 18 months, I dedicated most of my free time to pursue the writing of a book.   

Yes… that sentence is correct… a book.   

The book is titled “How Could This Happen? Finding Your Way When Tragedy Strikes.”  In writing this, there were times when I was completely exhausted, as if the journey would never end.  Other times, I felt exhilarated to bring people words that I wish I had heard in my own story long ago.  And every now and then, I battled that little voice inside that said, “Girl… you must be crazy!” 

The book is about helping people find their way when life hits us hard.  Whether it is an illness that is diagnosed, unexpected family events, an accident, or any of the other hundreds of events that can riddle our story, understanding the effects of the unexpected and unplanned can go a long way in beginning to heal from it. 

Why did I write the book?  It has been a dream of mine for a long time to put into words the feelings experienced from personal tragedy and the lessons learned from facing the imaginable.  Adding to my motivation were the stories of my clients – good people who have had to face some unthinkable things in their journey through life.  I have heard so many times from people – and experienced it myself – how beneficial it would have been to “have known then what I know now” regarding the affects of traumatic experiences.  Too often, the waves of tragedy didn’t stop with the actual event – what happened in the weeks and months following the event compounded the consequences.  I truly believe that knowing what is at play can help people avoid the pitfalls that turn a person’s nightmare into something even worse.  And, I believe that there is hope. 

I wrote this book so that people can find hope when life gets turned upside down.

Ever since the day the book was completed, life has felt like a whirlwind.  Publishing, interviews, promoting…  I want to get the word out to people beyond my office.  I know from traveling around and speaking to various groups that the message I’ve written about is stuff that folks all over are dealing with and experiencing.  I want them to be helped in much the same way that I’ve helped my clients and that others have helped me along the way.  Its why so much time lately has been spent dedicated to trying to get the word out…

Speaking of getting the word out, “How Could This Happen?” is now available in eBook and print through Amazon and wherever ebooks are sold.  Or, you can always purchase it directly through me. 

I feel so blessed to have reached that long-awaited goal of writing a book.  Now I look forward to that next goal – getting it out to people to read!  

 With that said have you ever experience anything that set your life into complete upheaval? How did you cope?

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